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Risk Based Security publishes a Quarterly Intelligence Report that provides a Quick View into data breach trends
using charts and graphs to summarize the most recently reported breaches.


Cyber Risk Analytics (CRA) provides actionable threat intelligence about organizations that have experienced a data breach or leaked credentials.

Along with our PreBreach Risk Ratings, this provides a deep dive into the metrics driving cyber exposures, as well as understanding the digital hygiene of an organization and predicting the likelihood of a future data breach.

The integration of PreBreach ratings into security and underwriting processes, vendor management programs, and risk management tools allows organizations to avoid costly risk assessments, while enabling businesses to act quickly and appropriately to proactively protect it's most critical information assets.

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Pre Breach Ratings - Security Posture Analysis

PreBreach Ratings are calculated using a proprietary passive assessment process that provides immediate insight into an organization's Internet facing security posture.

PreBreach aggregates data from numerous sources to better understand the cyber hygiene of an organization and predict the likelihood of a future data breach.

Five Star Security Ratings enable security teams to instantly and independently assess an organization's current security posture.

PreBreach offers unlimited assessments providing Five Star Internet facing ratings both internally and for the supply chain.

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Comprehensive Data Breach Tracking

Updated daily, covering over 70,511 data breaches - the most comprehensive source of breach intelligence available.

World Wide Data Breach Coverage

Detailed Meta Data Tracked For Each Breach

Data Breach Costs

User Friendly SaaS Portal for easy research and both CSV File and API data download features

Data Breach Alerting - Ideal for Vendor Management

Continuous Monitoring

No longer is vendor management a once a year checklist, monitor your vendors and review alerts on any issues

Perform Vendor Due Diligence and Performance Monitoring

Receive Notification Of Supply Chain Data Breaches

Monitor Email Domains for Data Breaches and Leaked Credentials

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Cyber Insurance and Aggregation Risk Analysis

Raw breach data to support actuarial modeling and portfolio management

Underwriting decision making tools, security ratings and losses

Cyber Compare module for better understanding coverage options

Determine your organization's aggregations and systematic risks including the cloud and applications used by your insureds and vendors

Data Breach Statistics

Cyber Risk Analytics is derived from a proprietary search engine and the thorough analysis
of thousands of reported data breach incidents and the metrics driving cyber exposures.

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Breaches of All Time

Compromised Emails

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Records of All Time

Organizations Monitored

Cyber Risk Analytics Features

Cyber Risk Analytics provides organizations with an all-in-one, user-friendly,
comprehensive threat intelligence solution to effectively implement, “Not just security, but the right security.”

Data Breach Intelligence

Most comprehensive resource providing details about the numbers of data breaches, records exposed, industry type, breach type, threat vectors, data type, data family, geo-location mapping, costs and much more.

PreBreach: Five Star Ratings

PreBreach takes data from numerous sources to calculate a rating to be used to better understand the cyber hygiene of an organization and predict the likelihood of a future data breach.

Leaked Credentials

Monitor your domains for leaked credentials, allowing you to reduce the likelihood of unauthorized access from password reuse.

RESTful API and Exports

Access raw data via our API or Export for integration into your existing tools or workflow such as GRC, ITIL, CMDB or SIEM products.

Procurement & Vendor Selection

Support procurement and vendor selection processes by using ratings enabling organizations to reduce exposure to the threats most likely to cause a data breach or impact their vendor base.

Prioritize Security Controls

Prioritize the most important security controls at your organization based on an extensive, accurate and continually updated breach database.

Aggregation and Systematic Risk Analysis

Understand which applications are most widely used by the group and therefore most likely to have a one-to-many cascading effect should things go south with the application.

Organization Comparison

See at a glance how multiple organizations compare, and compare your company to others in your peer group

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber insurance is fast becoming the go-to option for softening the financial blow of a breach. Data and ratings provided to support actuarial modeling, underwriting decision making, portfolio management and coverage options.

Data Breach Experts

Cyber Risk Analytics is provided by the originators of data breach tracking and our founders formerly ran the CyberRiskAnalyticsDB project. Do not be fooled by imitations and accept inferior data!

Trusted By Organizations Around The World

Risk Based Security is honored to serve the vulnerability and cyber risk intelligence needs of organizations both large and small across a broad array of industries. Our clients include cyber insurance companies and brokers, automobile manufacturers, banks and credit unions, software developers, security solution providers, health care providers, life sciences and other technology service and product companies.

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